Families in need of Services

 Every Bottom Covered is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring underserved families receive clean basic hygiene supplies. We inform, engage and mobilize our community to take action and raise funds that support the provision of necessary resources and programs to uplift one another and create opportunities that enrich us, one and another.

To be a participating family in Every Bottom Covered:

To be a participating family in Every Bottom Covered:

1. Must qualify for other low-income services

  • TANF
  • Medicaid
  • SNAP

2. Must complete an application as well as be able to provide proof of qualification to receive services:

  • WIC Card and valid WIC Checks
  • Relationship to enrolled child(ren)
  • Medicaid cards
  • TANF/SNAP eligibility

What does Every Bottom Covered provide?

  1. Each child in a qualifying household with diaper need receives 20 diapers and/or pull-ups each as well as a package of wipes


  2. Referrals to organizations providing services to low-income families


  3. Ongoing monthly support of diapers to supplement low-income families
PLEASE NOTE: Supplies are provided to children under 3 years of age.

For more information, email us at families@everybottomcovered.org

Client Application

If you are an organization looking to partner with Every Bottom Covered, please contact us at partnerships@everybottomcovered.org.

If you are someone who is reaching out on behalf of another family who may qualify for Every Bottom Covered, please contact us at info@everybottomcovered.org